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The Classic ~ Camel Coat

The Classic ~ Camel Coat

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Happy New Year to everyone! I still can’t believe it’s 2019! Where has the time gone? The holidays whizzed by, and I don’t even think I had time to blink. No matter, here we are.

I’m excited the new year is here!

One of the biggest reasons is that I have another grandbaby coming. He is due in the next couple weeks, but the doctor doesn’t think my daughter will make it to her due date. Every night I go to bed I wonder “will this be the night I get a call they are heading to the hospital?” Yes, I know babies come during the day, but that is my thoughts each night before I drift off to sleep.

Having grandchildren and being a Mimi has been something so precious to me. My husband and I often laugh and say if we knew that being grandparents was this much fun, we would have skipped being parents and started there first. It sounds good, right?

I’ve kept myself busy after Christmas by doing what I always do, cleaning out closets and purging. We do this every year. This year I know they were thrilled to see my husband walk in. We donated 15 garbage bags of clothes. So just for the record, we had the boys move out this last year. The last one left. We are kid free! I guess the correct terminology is “empty nesters.” In each move there are inevitably clothes left, and I’m the one who hates to get rid of anything, because what if they need it? Since they have been repeatedly asked and we have been told no, the clothes aren’t needed. They have a new home and will be given to someone in need.

I went through my classic pieces. And yes, when you buy classic pieces, they do last a long time, but will eventually wear out.

A classic coat for me is a Camel Coat.

I had a shorter camel coat I’d had for years. It has kept me warm on many cold days and nights through the years. If the coat could talk, WOW, the stories it would tell. This coat went to a lot of high school football games. The kids’ school colors were maroon and gold, and camel goes well with both those colors. So the coat was worn regularly on Friday nights at the high school games and Saturdays when the boys played community ball. This year the coat was retired. I purchased this new one from JCrew at the beginning of November. It is sadly sold out, but I’ve given you a bunch of choices down below.

The rest of my outfit is from Loft. I’ve been really pleased with the selection they had this holiday season.

I love this tartan plaid blouse with the ruffled nehru collar. This blouse has a thin red line that runs through the plaid and looks dynamite with a red suit jacket.

The off white sweater will look great with pastels and bright colors as we go into spring. It has this knot detailing in the sleeve that reminds me of pieces of pop corn.

I wore these navy trouser pants that have teeny-tiny velvet dots on them. These trousers will be so cute with a white tee, denim jacket and sneakers for cruise season and on into spring.

Can you all tell I’m already thinking spring?

If you are looking for a camel coat, now’s the time to look with all the great sales going on.

And did I mention my outfit from Loft is all on sale too?

Here’s to 2019! Blessings and love to you all!


Photographer/ Olga Mohr

Coat/similar here/AllSaints

Blouse/Plaid Ruffle Henley Blouse/Loft

Sweater/Stitched Sleeve Sweater/Loft

Pant/Velvet Dot Pant/Loft

Earrings/similar here/Nordstrom

Red Suede Pumps/similar here and here/Nordstrom

Gold Clutch/similar here/Nordstrom

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