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On my site I share affordable fashion for the mature woman. I want other people to share in the excitement of being the best version of themselves at any age. 

Tailored With A Twist

Tailored With A Twist

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Last week I got to travel to New York! I had a glorious time meeting women and a few men that I've followed on Instagram for some time. One of the best parts about being on social media is making new friends, and last week I had the privilege of meeting them in the flesh.

Figuring out what to wear while you're out of town on business is always challenging fun.

Office and work attire can be somewhat repetitive, and there is nothing wrong with that. I find many business women are balancing a family, career and a few extracurricular activities (for themselves to maintain a little sanity). When you have your work clothes all neatly organized in your closet, it is one less thing to think about in an already hectic schedule. And having the basics such as -- several blazers, suit pants, straight skirts, shift dresses, button ups, and crew neck sweaters (your own personal capsule wardrobe) that is all interchangeable, you're pretty much set! 

As I traveled out of town last week, I wanted this tailored look I'm accustomed to, but I wanted to have a look and feel that was a bit outside the box. I wanted to put my own twist on what I would wear to the office for that day. I don't work everyday in an office, but making something your own by changing a few simple things is key to each person's individual style - and what I so adore about what I do as a stylist and makeup artist.

I'm fascinated by the Men's Wear looks this season with plaid trousers and belted jackets and blazers. I chose these plaid cropped trousers because they looked like a plaid I had seen my grandfather wear - (yes, his was an entire suit in this fabric). This plaid had a little burgandy line that runs through it. I have been drawn to blouses with bows this season, as you can see here and here. This top has the bow that ties at the collar in the back and is structured through the shoulders (It has shoulder pads, yes they are making a return to fashion) giving it a more masculine fit, but with a feminine look. A pair of trouser socks with this sling back kitten heels finish this look, these kitten heels also made it easy to walk through the streets of New York.

The streets of New York are always abuzz with people and lots to see and do! I really enjoying being out in the city with all the sound and smells. I love people watching too.


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I'm always enamored by this city! Lots of Love until we meet up again New York!


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Location/Soho, Manhattan & The Crosby Hotel

Photographer/Shauna Robertson

Cropped Trousers/similar here and here/Topshop

Top/similar here and here

Trouser Socks/Nordstrom

Pumps-Kitten Heel/similar here and here/Nordstrom

Coat/Moncler similar here/Nordstrom

Silver Tote/ (On SALE) similar here /Nordstrom

Sunnies/similar here/Nordstrom

Soft Touch of Color

Soft Touch of Color

Pampered in Soho

Pampered in Soho