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Styling Made Easy

Styling Made Easy

What are your favorite things to wear in the summer? I’m enjoying dresses at the moment. Today’s outfit is a maxi dress that I was gifted while I was in California.

While I was traveling a couple years ago, I met with Kim Shaw from “Natalie Attired.” I had met Kim and her daughter, Kirstyn out in California with my hubby on a business trip. We had lunch together, and it was like having lunch with an old friend. I came back to Atlanta with life as usual, busy with family, blogging, and all that goes with being a mid-life woman.

I hadn’t contacted Kim when I headed out to LA in May, because I wasn’t sure on my time there and who I would be able to see when it came to family and friends. To make a long story short, I ran into Kirsten working at Rose Cafe. (It’s kinda funny to be clear across the country and run into people you know. I don’t think chance meetings are ever accidental.) As we caught up, I asked her to let her mom know I was in California. A couple days later I was able to have lunch with Kim. And it was like old friends catching up again.

Now I want to share with you a little bit about her company, Natalie Attired. (I’m a stylist, but not everyone can afford to have a personal stylist.) Natalie Attire is for those of you who don’t like to shop or don’t have the time too. It’s a personalized and convenient styling service that has its focus on women at mid-life. If you have used any other styling services, you know you have received pieces that are cute, but for most, not what you would wear. This is with filling out a survey on what “your style” is similar to or what you like. You see, I think it’s a challenge to dress all age groups and do it well in a large business. I think Kim’s approach is great, because she wants to hone in and help her own age group. She can relate to you as the customer. And if she picks up a few younger ladies along the way, that’s a plus too.

Here is how easy it is! You go online to Natalie Attired and fill out a quick style profile and choose a date for delivery. Once this is done, a stylist will hand-select a 5 piece Collection personally for you taking into consideration your style profile and budget. You pay a $20 Styling Fee for each shipment, which is credited toward anything you keep. I also like that you decide when you want to receive a collection, auto delivery (once a month, every other month, twice a year etc.) or scheduled on demand. It’s all up to you. You get to try everything before you buy, in the privacy of you own home and only pay for what you keep. There’s also a discount of 20% off when you keep 3 or 4 pieces. If you decide to keep the entire 5 piece collection, you can save 30% off the entire purchase.

The maxi I’m wearing is one from Natalie Attire that I was graciously gifted. And this is how I styled the dress. The tie dyed fabric made the boho look easy to pull off.

You will see me wear hats to keep the sun off my face the majority of the summer. I wear sunscreen, but a hat is an added bonus, plus it means I can zip out the door and not worry that much about my hair.

A cross-body bag is handy when traveling and running errands. I normally will bring my bigger tote with me and grab a smaller bag to carry my '“must haves.” Especially when the grandkids are involved, you definitely need free hands to keep up with them.

And mules are hand free shoes too.

I also rounded up some of my favorite dresses for you. There are so many that I’m loving this summer, that will be great with a blazer or denim jacket on into the fall. Check them out down below! Also tell me what you are wearing this summer and couldn’t live without. I love to be “in the know.”

Until next time, BIG love to you all!


Photographer/Chloe Enos

Maxi Dress/ similar here

Shoes/similar here

Bag/similar here

Scarf/similar here

Key Necklace/here

Earrings/similar here

Hat/similar here

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