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On my site I share affordable fashion for the mature woman. I want other people to share in the excitement of being the best version of themselves at any age. 

Sold on Bold

Sold on Bold


Janet Gunn, Cathy Williamson, Shauna Robertson


Tanya Foster, Elaine Davis, Catherine Grace O'Connell, Deborah Boland


Tonya Parker, Jamie Lewinger, me, Susan Kanoff


Tracee Ellis Ross


Diane Ellis, Tracee Ellis Ross, Shelagh Stoneham, Lelsie Jane Seymour


Molly Ringwald


Diane Ellis, Molly Ringwald, Leslie Jane Seymour


Molly Ringwald, Tracee Ellis Ross


How Bold Are You? That was one of the questions I was asked back in February when I was invited by Chico's to New York with some other influencers.  It was so refreshing to sit with other women and hear their stories about their journey and how they had each gotten to the place they were. You can glean a lot of knowledge from listening to where others have been and what it took for each lady to get to that point in their life. It was so lovely to get to know each one of the ladies who attended. And Chico's listened to everything that we shared, they truly wanted to know. They want to make a difference. 

One of the big things for me was that Chico's speaks the same language I do.  Not only does Chico's speak the same language, but they put it into action. "We're not getting older, we're getting bolder" is their new tag line in their latest campaign.  Age is just a number, it doesn't define me. I have been trying to express this in words through day-to-day conversations with people and here on the blog with how I dress.  I don't feel 56 years old, so why should I let that identify me?

Last week I was invited back to New York to be part of the launch party for "How Bold Are You" campaign as Chico's guest. I, along with other influencers, were treated to a lovely evening. The Chico's event was held at Joe's Pub in New York City and was attended by their executive team, including CEO & President Diane Ellis, Senior VP of Marketing Shelagh Stoneham, and a very impressive list of contributors and celebrities such as Leslie Jane Seymour, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Molly Ringwald.  We were thrilled to hear a great message from Chico's and all the others.  Molly's band also performed, and we felt like we were invited to a very intimate concert.

Then we went across the street to Indochine for a delicious meal. The cuisine of French-Vietmamese was a 3 course meal. The first course was Spicy Beef Salad, Lotus Salad, Steamed Vietnamese Ravioli and Grilled Eggplant. The second course was Steamed Chilean Sea Bass, Duck Breast and Vegetarian Stew with sides of Asian Greens and Jasmine Rice. We finished up with desserts with assorted sorbets, Petit Fours and Chocolate truffles.

What a first class ending to an amazing trip. I want to thank Chico's for stepping out to begin to make a difference in the way we as mid-lifers are looked at and valued. I hope other brands will see the benefits of including all ages in their campaigns.

So How Bold Are You?



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