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On my site I share affordable fashion for the mature woman. I want other people to share in the excitement of being the best version of themselves at any age. 

 Soft Ruffles

Soft Ruffles

Here we go with today's outfit - it's all about soft ruffles and geometric design. This ensemble can take you from the office environment to a romantic dinner with your love.  

This top is a little different look for me,  because I don't normally pay much attention to ruffles. I've never felt like a prim or proper type girl.  When I see ruffles, I think I need to behave myself.  And who wants to behave?  The color is what I really liked, this soft faint pink.  It is such a delicate shade. I could easily see this top with a pair of khakis or even camouflage print pant. 

When it came to the bottoms, I'm trying to be better about looking through my closet and wearing what I have. I found these capris that I've had for a few years. They have a nice subtle geometric design and were much more interesting to me then a solid pant, so I grabbed them. 

The geometric design is more modern which balances out the more feminine top.

I finished with patent leather clutch and pumps, both in shades of gray.

So what do you think?

I'm following fashion's road map as I travel on life's journey. I am excited to see where it will lead me next. Fashion should be an adventure, and that's what makes it fun for me! And like a map, it can take you so many wonderful and different directions, you never know where you may end up!


Top/similar here and here

Capris/similar here

Clutch/similar here

Earrings/Kendra Scott 


City Block

City Block

To the Max

To the Max