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On my site I share affordable fashion for the mature woman. I want other people to share in the excitement of being the best version of themselves at any age. 

Old School Rules

Old School Rules

When I was younger, I remember rules/guidelines for dressing. Don't you remember getting dressed, and if your bra strap showed, you wouldn't be caught dead wearing that top? I remember my Momma sending me upstairs to change a couple times. It's funny for me to think about those times. Having your bra strap hanging out or showing was a no-no. I think one of reasons was all undergarments came in one color, white. Whoever thought of the nude colors was brilliant. When you wore a dress or skirt, you always wore a slip under your outfit. Half or full slip, it didn't make difference if it was needed or not.... you wore it.  Have you tried to shop for a slip these days? They are almost non-existent. And yes, today I'm thankful for items like Spanx to hold you in and smooth you out. I'm also so happy pantyhose are not a must. What a nuisance they were, and they were so hot in the summer.

 Old school rules also used to say no white after Labor Day. And we all knew what that meant - no white shoes, pants, or skirts. Nothing white was to be worn after this holiday. Well, the rules have changed, and this girl is so glad she's not bound by these crazy rules, nor do I think that I would abide by them anyway. I've become somewhat of a rebel in my older age, and I'm rather proud it. It's not Labor Day yet, but here's to the days and weeks after that holiday. And oh Lord, please send us cooler weather!

This outfit is a great way to transition into Fall. Denim and cotton tees are what I go to as the weather cools. They're simple, clean and can be dressed up or down depending upon the pieces. I believe everyone needs a good denim skirt, a skirt that is basic, knee-length and in a medium wash. I have several in multiple colors, lengths and styles. I worked for Gap for 23 years, so I've had time to acquire a good collection. I also have plenty of these soft cotton tees, great for layering or wearing by themselves.

 What I'm most excited about is the spectacular bag from Will Leather Goods that I just received. I have several amazing pieces from them, a backpack that I couldn't live without.... especially when watching my granddaughter. I also have their Imogen checkbook clutch, a great clutch that I use as a wallet. It holds everything I need and is easy to grab when I'm on-the-go and don't want to be bothered with carrying a bag. This new Bag is the Valley Tote in the color Olive. The reason I'm so excited about this bag is that the size is's huge! This color is an easy neutral and will be great to carry through fall, winter and into spring.


Top/Long sleeve Tee(vintage)/Gap(similar)

Skirt/White Denim (vintage)/Gap(similar)

Necklace/Forever 21(similar)

Watch/Michael Kors

Belt/Old Navy

Shoes/Nine West (vintage)/(similar)

Bag/Valley Tote (Olive)/Will Leather Goods


Straw Hat and All That

Straw Hat and All That

Game Day

Game Day