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On my site I share affordable fashion for the mature woman. I want other people to share in the excitement of being the best version of themselves at any age. 

Makeup Time

Makeup Time


This blog post is sponsored by Brookside Chocolates. I’m so happy to be working with them, because they value me as entrepreneur. Brookside understands the importance of the unique fashion that is represented by women of all ages. I take their products with me most everytime I head into town to work and especially on the days I know that will be long.

I’ve been driving into the city several times a week recently for meetings with brands and up-and-coming designers here in the Atlanta area. I think first impressions are everything, so I always want to dress and present myself in a professional manner. I also want to be comfortable, and for me comfort is always a pair of denim. It’s like an adult pacifier for me. I like the way denim fits my body which makes me feel confident when I wear it. Don’t you like to feel great in your clothes? I know I do, and it’s especially important when I’m meeting with someone for the first time. 

Today’s #ootd is one of those outfits that I’ve worn to lunch meetings, as well as nights out with the girls and/or a birthday party get together. 

My adult denim/pacifier is a high waisted straight leg pair of denim. This pair is cropped and shows off these rose gold sandals I’ve chosen for this look. 

Metallics are so easy to wear all year round. I chose the rose gold sandals, because the pink hue in this metallic color goes so nicely with the mauve cami and peach blazer. 

The mauve cami is satin and lace. Satin is so lightweight and feels so good up against my skin. I’ve had this camisole for over 10 years. I’ve found very similar ones that I’ve linked below, and it goes to show you great classic pieces will always be in fashion....even a camisole. 

This linen blazer is another great piece for the summer. Linen is a very breathable natural fabric. This one has a wonderful flared sleeves, and as we all know, sleeves are still on trend this season.  This blazer can be worn tied in front or tied in the back. I’ve shown you both ways it can be styled in this blog post. 

So back to the reasons I’ve been heading downtown and meeting with the designers. I’ve had the opportunity to actually resurrect my work as a make-up artist. I never really fully quit per se. I’d say it’s more like I took a hiatus, and now I’m coming back. Pretty ballsy right, but it can be done, because I’m doing it. I’ve done the make-up for several designers for their collections in studio and out on location. 


I just finished a shoot the other day on location. It was outdoors on a gorgeous wooded lot. I was thankful to have a sunroom to work in with the models to get their hair and makeup ready before heading out the woods.

I knew it would be a long day, so I brought along some of my BROOKSIDE Chocolate Goji and Raspberry flavored dark chocolates. Brookside mixes just the right amount of raspberry and goji fruit flavors together with their dark chocolate. The dark chocolate combined with the tart fruit flavors are delicious! Talk about some happy models along with the rest of the team. I was happy to share as I worked through the afternoon. The day was long, but when you're doing something you are passionate about, the time flies by.

As I drove home, I thought to myself how grateful I was for the opportunity to be part of this shoot. To be able to be part of something at the very beginning, and I can't wait to see where this lovely girl goes with her designs. I'm so thankful to have the chance to be a piece in a much bigger picture, and watch someone's dreams come to fruition.

Speaking of making your dreams come true, BROOKSIDE Chocolate has an amazing contest you can be a part of. Is there anything you ever thought about doing that was really BALLSY? Check out for details about how you can have your ballsy bucket list item funded up to $25,000 .




This post is sponsored by Brookside but all opinions are my own.



Photographer/ Cathy Marszalik and Chloe Enos

Linen Blazer/Flared Sleeve Linen Blazer/Nordstrom Rack

Camisole/similar here and here/Nordstrom Rack

Denim/High Rise Retro Straight Leg Denim/J Crew

Rose Gold Belt/similar here/Nordstrom

Sandals/similar here and here/Nordstrom

Bag/similar here/Radley

Rose Gold Earrings/similar here/Macy's

Necklace/similar here/Nordstrom


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