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Hurry Up, Spring

Hurry Up, Spring

We are well into March, and I love when the grass begins to turn green and the trees begin to bud. I look forward to blooming flowers and leaves showing up on the bare trees. Nature wakes up! 

When Daylight Savings Time arrives (here in the US), there seems to be a sudden increase in the light of the day. But yes, there truly is gradually more light than darkness each day. The days are longer. 

And I yearn for warmer weather! 

It looked like old man winter was finally skipping away from us this year, but just like that we had a cold front come in, and he's back for a short visit.  I'm very tired of my winter clothes and colors and want so badly to wear shorts and a tank top. I'm really bad about getting ahead of myself when it comes to seasonal changes. I do the same thing when we are going into fall. I can't wait to have cooler weather to pull out those soft sweaters, boots, scarves and layer, layer, layer. So I'm trying to be a little more content at where I am.  

Stripes are a year round fashion thing for me!  I was thrilled to see that this striped top was a good mix of a little winter and spring. (The burgundy and cream of winter and bright red and blue of spring with a little touch of pink.)
So on one of those days when it seemed as if spring was well on its way, I paired the top with red Capri’s and a creamy-white blazer.  I added my own little rays of sun with a yellow clutch and shoes.  I also added my own spring flowers with this blue floral necklace. 

So off I went to walk through the The North Oconee Greenway in Athens, Georgia. And to enjoying the beginnings of what I thought was spring on that cool sunny day. 

White Blazer/(old) similar here and here/Gap

Top/Striped Tee (similar here)/J Crew

Capris/(old) similar here and here/Gap

Statement Necklace/(old) Blue Flower/J Crew

Shoes/Ballet Flats (similar here)/COS Stores

Yellow Clutch/old (similar here)/Gap

Earrings/Gold Hoops(old)/Urban Outfitters

 Coral Love

Coral Love

Seeing Clearly

Seeing Clearly