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On my site I share affordable fashion for the mature woman. I want other people to share in the excitement of being the best version of themselves at any age. 

Ease and Comfort

Ease and Comfort

When life gets busy, I start eliminating things to make the day little simpler. I also gravitate toward clothing that is easy (doesn’t take a lot of thought to put together) and feels good to wear.  That kind of easy clothing for me is older denim that I have cut off, a cotton tee, a super soft cardigan and flats.  

And that’s how it was the other day, as I ran to Athens, Georgia to visit some of my adopted kids, Matt, Jody and their little boy, Lawson. They’re not really adopted, of course, but I consider them my own, because I love them so.  Until recently they were living out in Denver – we even had the pleasure of driving cross-country to visit them last year.  What a great trip we had! But I’m so very happy they’ve moved back on this side of the country. It’s wonderful to be able to spontaneously jump in the car and go visit with them.  Athens is only 40 minutes or so away, so it’s convenient, but it still helps to have a go-to, comfortable outfit to jump into when you want to be spontaneous.  

I was also blessed because Matt is a talented photographer!  Besides running his own business, called Whiskey & Wood, he also takes amazing pictures.  He agreed to shoot these, and since he’s so good, I may hit him up to do the same every time I drop by. 

So the best moments are the unplanned ones – the times you get to see those you really love and can be so comfortable with.  It sure helps to have a quick, no-frills, comfortable outfit to pop into to enjoy those opportunities

Tee/Think Geek

Duster/BCBG(similar here)/TJ Maxx

Straight Leg Denim/Paige (similar here)/Nordstrom


Necklace/Sterling Silver Choker(vintage)


Shoes/Gold Flats/COS

Bag/Banana Republic





Falling for Love

Falling for Love