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Connecting The Dots

Connecting The Dots


Connecting the dots for me this summer has been all about running from point A to point B and then to C. I've been watching my sweet Frankie Rae, (this last week she was in ballet camp) cutting hair, running to events and desperately trying to keep up with the blog while making life look so carefree and easy. Isn't that what everyone is striving for on their blogs and social media feeds? Truth be told, my life is not anywhere near that, and here of lately, it has been a down right struggle. It's been hard, ugly and messy. It will pass, I know, because if you have lived for any amount of time, you know this is the ebb and flow of life. It's what forms and makes us into the people we are, hopefully better after the test or struggle. We don't grow when life is easy, we grow when it gets dirty and we have to dig deep. I do try and count my blessings each morning, the things that I'm grateful for and have - my health, getting up each day, the sunshine, caring friends, my church, my sweet parents down the road, my hubs, and my kids (although one has been AWOL, hence the hard times) my grand kids and so much more.  I can also now announce their will be another grand love added and expected in January. I am very excited about this news and also that I don't have to keep the secret anymore. I'm all about sharing exciting and happy things, so secrets of this magnitude are somewhat hard to keep. For the record though, I did keep the secret.

All of this has kept me busy which I love, but I'm also working on being more efficient and using my time wisely. I tend to get a little scattered going in so many directions. I'm hoping I can get this all under control and be more organized by the end of summer. Now that I have said it out loud, I suppose I'm now somewhat accountable to you all. Say a prayer and wish me luck, and I'll keep you posted.

Speaking of dots, isn't this the cutest dot dress? And I've never met a polka dot I didn't like. This dress has pockets, which are a plus and buttons up the front, and I like that too. It goes great with sneakers and sandals. It can also look super chic buttoned to the waist and left open and worn with either a pair of shorts under it or a pair of jeans. I'm kinda thinking the dress over denim is a cool way to get more wear out of your dresses going into fall. You might be seeing a little of that here on me come the cooler weather. Right now denim under a dress would be way too hot to even think about, let alone attempt to wear.

The humidity has been ridiculous due to all the rain we have had. It's been a waste of time to even try and curl my hair, since it falls out 5 seconds after being outdoors. So hats are my new little friend. I'm also trying to be good about keeping the sun off my face and a big straw hat does a fine job of doing just that.

My hair has gotten long enough to pull back in a decent ponytail and out of my face. I guess I'll grow it out until I can figure what I want to do next with it or I decide on a style. It's funny to think I was the one that said I'd never have long gray hair. Whoops, spoke too soon.

The rest of the details of this outfit are located down below! And I've also added a boutique shop full of all kinds of fun polka dot items from shoes, bags, skirts, tops, dresses and more. So take a look see. I'd love to know if this is helpful for those of you that are looking for a polka dot item, but may not need a dress.

Your feedback is most helpful to me in determining what I need to add to or take away from the blog. So please if you wouldn't mind letting me know, that would be great! Thank you so very much!


Photographer/Chloe Enos

Dress/Button-Down Midi Shirt Dress/Urban Outfitters

Black Patent Clutch/similar here/Amazon

Straw Hat/similar here/Nordstrom

Jewelry/earrings, bracelet/Adore Adorn

Apple Watch/similar here/Amazon

Necklace/Circle of Life/Neiman Marcus

Sandals/similar here and here/Nordstrom


 Black Floral Denim and a Flutter Sleeve

Black Floral Denim and a Flutter Sleeve

Beret, Bouquet and a Bright Bag

Beret, Bouquet and a Bright Bag