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Casual Weekends

Casual Weekends

Casual weekends - you’ve got to love them. For me this includes some type of workout gear or a sweatshirt. This weekend it was a graphic hoodie sweatshirt. And this particular one has a rock and roll graphic on it too. I’m a rebel on the weekend! Are you laughing at me? My husband will when he reads this. Haha! He’s my proofreader and a darn good one.

This denim is La Vie from Rebecca Taylor. It’s what they call their Kick Boot Jean, and I really have enjoyed this bootcut leg opening and the shorter cropped length. The rise is not high rise, nor is it a mid-rise on me. The waistline sits right below my bellybutton, making me appear to have a little more balanced shape. (That’s because I’m short through my torso.) This pair was purchased last year, and, thankfully it’s still in stock.

The blazer is a Veronica Beard, and it was purchased on sale last year. It was still a little more than I would normally pay for a blazer, but I have to admit it fits perfectly. I’m wanting to buy some of the zip-in dickeys, and before anyone says anything, yes, I am aware they have one that has a hood on it. It really is quite brilliant, and you can get so many more wears out of this blazer. Since this blazer is sold out I’ve gather up some of her blazer that are in stock now. I’ll have them down below for you to look at.

It’s been a fun weekend, and yes, I’m jumping up and down. I love weekends. It’s time to kick up my feet and relax just a bit, but sometimes my weekends get pretty full!

So on Saturday I headed off early to shoot a couple of things for the blog. Then I hurried over to visit my niece before she travels to Korea for a semester of college. (We grab some lunch and did a little shopping.) I’m so excited for her! She has been studying and learning to speak Korean at school, and I’m sure this will be a life changing trip for her. Two of my boys traveled abroad when they were seniors and had such a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to hear what they have planned for the students to do while they are there.

When I got home, Frankie was there with her momma, daddy and little brother. She was going to stay the night with us and give her parents a break. Before we left for dinner, I had to get my Wilder cuddles in, because he’s just growing so fast. I can’t believe that he’s 5 weeks old and weighs over 11 pounds. After getting to hold this growing boy, we all jumped in the car and went out to dinner at “Sushi Avenue." This place is within walking distance of our house and has some of the best sushi around. That was the excuse the kids used to come over (and the fact that Frankie wanted to come sleep over at Mimi and Pop’s house.)

Today, Sunday is church of course, and then I had some hair to do after that. And I will likely need to hit the grocery store - maybe even see the grandkids or my parents. I’m running out of time in my head.

So the more I think about it, my casual, restful weekend wasn’t that at all, it was very busy. Here I was thinking I was going to unwind from a busy week, and that’s not the way it turned out. I’m kind of happy about it though, because I love every bit about what I ended up doing this weekend and the people I got to do it with.

I wouldn’t change it for anything!


Photographer/Olga Mohr

Hooded sweatshirt/similar here/Amazon

Blazer/similar here/Nordstrom

Denim/La Vie Kick Boot Jeans/Rebecca Taylor

Belt/similar here/Nordstrom

Shoes/Sam Edelman Loafer (on sale)/Nordstrom Rack

Bag/similar here/Nordstrom

Earrings/similar here/Bloomingdale’s

Sunnies/similar here/Nordstrom

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