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Beret, Bouquet and a Bright Bag

Beret, Bouquet and a Bright Bag


I've been keen on stripes this season, drawn to them like a moth to a flame. I can't help myself, and if you're not into stripes yourself keep reading, because what I'm talking about can be added to any number of outfits.

It's not about the stripes today.

Sometimes what makes an outfit special isn't so much the outfit itself, but what you add to it that makes it fun and interesting.

A Hat

I found this beret and liked that it was straw. I had never seen one that wasn't wool, I'm sure they have been around like this for a while. They are just new to me.  It's not your traditional straw hat you see during this time of year, so naturally I grabbed it up. 

A Bouquet

Flowers make me happy! When I was younger, I thought they were a waste of money for the simple fact they die and then what. I feel much differently now, and I like having fresh flowers in my home. Bringing in a bit of nature will brighten up your workspace too. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers.

A Bright Colored Bag

You can't tell me a bright colored bag doesn't make you smile. I have in the last couple years broadened my bag collection. I'm definitely much more of a shoe gal, but I have enjoyed adding more color to a particular look by grabbing up a bright bag and walking out the door.

See, I told you it wasn't all about the striped dress. But if you're in the market for something new with stripes....look down below. And enjoy!





Photographer/Chloe Enos

Dress/(sold out) similar here and here/Anthropologie

Jewelry/ring, multi-color earrings and bracelet/Adore.Adorn

Shoes/similar here and here/Nordstrom Rack

Beret/Straw Beret/Urban Outfitters

Clutch/similar here/Nordstrom

Connecting The Dots

Connecting The Dots

Shirts and Stripes Forever

Shirts and Stripes Forever