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All Season Simple Print Dress

All Season Simple Print Dress


A simple print dress can take you anywhere you want to go.

I’m thinking and talking all four seasons.

It’s Fall here in Georgia, at least that’s what it’s supposed to be. I think the weather is having a hard time making up its mind what season it is. The weather in one week has gone from the 30’s one day to 50’s the next. Yesterday it was 66 degrees, and today its raining. The majority of the time it’s cool in the mornings and warms up a bit in the afternoon. Then back to chilly when the evening comes around.

A jacket comes in handy during these crazy Fall days. There are so many different jackets that could be worn with this print dress, but I chose this vintage leather jacket I purchased years ago from Gap. It’s cut like a classic denim jacket, which is my favorite. This jacket is a smidge dressier because it’s leather and this stunning turquoise color. This jacket (here and here) has gotten so much wear over the years.

There are certain articles of clothing that I will always hang on to, and this jacket is one of them.

These white patent leather boots I forgot I had. I was excited when I saw them. I think they pair nicely with this dress, and they give the outfit an edgier look.

The beaded bag finished everything off and pulled it all together.

To wear this dress for the winter months I’ll add a thick, chunky sweater over the top. Then I’ll wear a pair of tights, leather boots and a beret.

For Spring this dress will look so darling with a bright cardigan and sneakers.

In summer you can find me wearing this dress with some fun strappy sandals, bright statement necklace and colorful bag.

This is truly an all season simple print dress.


Dress/similar here/Nordstrom

Jacket/similar here and here

Belt/similar here and here

Booties/similar here and here/Shopbop

Bag/similar here and here/Anthropologie

Earrings/similar here

Simply Important

Simply Important

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