Lisa Hale // The Silver Stylist

I’m an Atlanta-based stylist, makeup artist and blogger who loves everything fashion and style.  I also love people. It’s because of that love for people that I’ve chosen to be an encourager. And the people I’ve focused upon are mature women.

I haven’t been a “girly girl” my whole life.  In fact, I was pretty much a tomboy, riding horses, motorcycles, climbing trees, catching snakes and scorpions, fishing and shifting gears in my first car.  But I did have a fascination with makeup and hair, probably due to watching my mother getting dressed up. I remember sitting very quietly watching my mother as she put her makeup on and styled her hair. I would stare at her as she would get ready for the day, and that’s when I fell in love with all things beauty and fashion.

I attended Cosmetology School and received a Master of Cosmetology license in 1980. My career began in a hair salon, and I soon moved on to become a makeup artist for Chanel at Lord & Taylor and later for Lancôme. Along the way I had 4 children, and as I shopped for them, I became a regular at the Gap. I was such a regular that they offered me a job, and I stayed for 23 years. I then opened a Skincare and Cosmetic Boutique, and after 2 years, I left to do what I’ve always done, help others as a personal stylist full time.

I started blogging on December 20th, 2015. The blog began when I started asking clients, friends and family if they followed anyone over the 40-50 age range. I asked because I was looking for women that would inspire me. I felt like women my age needed a voice, and a blog seemed like a way to give them one.  When I worked at the Gap, I really paid attention to my customers and what was going on in their lives.  I began to notice that many of their identities were wrapped up in their kids or building their families.  After being wrapped up in their kid’s and their husband’s lives, they had lost their identity as a person.  They didn’t know who they were.  So when it came to style and fashion, they had given up on themselves.  I feel like my blog is a place to encourage those women to rekindle their fire to be special and to find who they want to be – with confidence.

  Everyone has a unique body type and personality.  They should acknowledge both when they build their looks and wardrobes.  I want them to have fun with style and fashion – and be comfortable with themselves. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself.  We used to worry so much about what others thought about us.  Now’s the time to be yourself, do what you love, and find ways to encourage and help others.